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Founder Gianna Pagliarulo was born in Puglia, a land of sea, trulli and olive trees. Nurtured with Southern Italian values she grew up dreaming of making the world her home. In 2015 she moved to London, after working in Spain and Qatar, and with her brought a heritage steeped in warmth, passion and a generosity of spirit. In 2020, with fluency in three languages and a solid career established as Project Architect in residential and commercial projects, she founded Studio Itaca, dedicated to the purpose of creating spaces where people can experience a sense of home.


Studio Itaca’s design aims to give you a feeling of belonging wherever you are.

We have extensive experience in a range of bar, restaurant and hotel design, as well as residential projects, ranging from light touch fit-out to extensions.


Every client has a story to tell, and every project is a journey. Our clients are essential to this process, bringing with them their own creativity, resulting in projects that tell a personal story. By listening to our clients, and thinking outside the box, Studio Itaca creates distinctive designs that consider our clients need alongside quality, cost and sustainability. We love crafting our projects, placing a great deal consideration on the little details, whilst designing bespoke solutions and sourcing vintage and reclaimed pieces of furniture and lighting.

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