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Bellgate, London

Private residence - 2020

Bellgate is a two-floor house that was completely refurbished in 2018. The layout was revisited during 2020 with the intent to change how the house was lived in, creating to an office, a refreshed kitchen, and a gym. We have partially revised the internal layout, creating a better distribution of the spaces and their purposes.


The ground floor courtyard, with its new bespoke concrete bench and open space kitchen/dining area, denotes spaces for guests to gather.


The old bedroom, with its wide bi-folding window, is now a personalised indoor/outdoor home gym. The upper floor is now the most inclusive space, with a brand new bedroom and private access to the terrace.


Part of this light-touch exercise included the evolution of the existing basic palette of black stone, white painted brick walls and birch plywood into a more sophisticated and harmonised one. The introduction of orange and green tiles, aged timber and a bespoke new pegboard splashback has injected colour into space for a more homely feel.

Photography © Inna Kostuskovsky

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