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Lina Stores - Greek St, London

Commercial - 2018

Nestled in the very heart of Soho on Greek Street, Lina Stores is the expansion of the renowned 1944 Italian delicatessen in Brewer Street.

On the ground floor, the exposed kitchen counter is the place where diners can enjoy the famed fresh Italian pasta. The composition of the iconic pistachio green and white stripes are incorporated in every detail of the shop, from the mosaic floor to the wall tiles, the counter, stools, and seats. Formica, Bakelite, and chrome complete the material palette. Art-deco references are spread throughout the restaurants in many details, like the door handles, the lamps, and counter panels, quoting the original features of the 75 years-old deli shop nearby. Designed whilst working for Red Deer.

Photography © Marielle Lind Hansen

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