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Lina Stores - King's Cross, London

Commercial - 2019

The restaurant and deli in King's Cross was designed in homage to the 75 year tradition held within the Italian delicatessen and shop in London’s Soho. 

This includes many unique features of the brand, namely its signature colour combination of pistachio green and white stripes.

On the right hand side of the Stable Street entrance, a green tiled counter displaying the products references to the original 1944 Brewer Street store.

At the heart of the space, there is the dining counter equipped with teal stools and suspended globe lamps that together give a 1950s atmosphere to the ambiance. This is the hottest seat, where the customers can enjoy dinner whilst watching the chefs cooking and plating the dishes. Mirroring the dining counter, the striped Dutch canopies cover long banquettes, providing a special setting for more intimate seating.

The whole selection of materials and finishes is a celebration of the deli’s early days, featuring opaline green lights, the iconic handmade mosaic, and bespoke green and white marble floor. Designed whilst working for Red Deer.

Photography © Marielle Lind Hansen

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